Excerpts from The Immaculate Roll: Albums of the Rolling Stones

…in honour of the passing of my grandmother, Eileen Elizabeth Ranford, who died on July 23rd 2021 of COVID, at the age of 84

July 23rd

There’s one thing of which you can be sure. One way or another, the news will come. And one day — perhaps a fine day, perhaps a sunny day in the summertime, perhaps a winter’s morning clouded by ulterior event, perhaps a springtime evening when one is far away in…

Or “Viewing Beyond Perspective”

Or “The Power of Organised Meme”

Dominic Cummings reached near the apex of British politics with ambitions of building a ‘meritocratic technopolis’. Why did these dreams implode so spectacularly? Could they ever have been fulfilled?

Max Gorynski

Technologist, writer, contrapuntalist, lion tamer and piano tuner

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