The State of Technological Journalism

This is certainly not Mozambiquan artist Ngwenya Malangatana’s impression of the vulnerable public interest being devoured by the febrile forces of misinformation. Malangatana, “Untitled, 1967”
Malangatana’s “Blue Faces”. Like them, in our torpor we cast our eyes about our crowded knowledge market without real means of direction or understanding.
Epistemologically, we are modelled by the sunflower, turning our head towards the light without discrimination. This is why we must be able to discern. Malangatana, “Mural in the Garden of Museu da Historia Natural”.
It’s best now, each time you see the Terminator 2’s steel-cold villain, to think of how self-driving cars could affect your local economy and bargaining power as a worker. That’s fun, right?



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Maxi Gorynski

Maxi Gorynski


Technologist, writer, contrapuntalist, lion tamer and piano tuner